norton or xp sp2

hello all just installed sp2 (bravely) just found out about its security moniter

i knew firewall would be turned on by default
just wondering i have norton is 2003 installed any sugestgion on which would be the bst to use

  VoG II 18:39 23 Aug 04

Norton. The XP one is one-way (inbound) only.

  powerless 19:07 23 Aug 04

Umm...the SP2 is outbound as well.

ok gotta ya cheers again vog

  VoG II 19:08 23 Aug 04

It is?? Well hush my mouth but I'm sure I read somewhere that it was supposed to be but in the end wasn't. Old age I suppose...

ok witch one

  powerless 19:12 23 Aug 04

It ain't very good, what third partys would pick up WF don't....

So i'll let you open your mouth ;-))

claim down children all i want to no what to use lol

  powerless 19:16 23 Aug 04

Use Norton my friend.

  VoG II 19:18 23 Aug 04

Ahem click here

ok read that much clearer now got norton where and how i want causing no prolems and never got infected as yet well not as far as i no so i think i will keep to norton thank you vog and powerless you kept me amused whist you bickered(in a nice way)


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