Norton must go!

  Diemmess 13:38 20 Feb 06

A friend who only phones during lunchtime, is trying to rid himself of Norton (FE 2005).

He has a Packard Bell Imedia 1307 with XP home and other stuff bundled with it.
He has somehow activated the unwanted Norton and ground to a halt with Norton popping up all over the place and email facility blocked.
He says Norton doesn't appear in add/remove (control panel). He wants/needs to clear it utterly and install AVG.

Please can I have a step by step (Cunning Plan) to root the beast out, for good?

I think he would cope with a trawl through the registry, but there may be something simpler?
He didn't listen to advice when choosing his new computer, and doesn't have his own XP so my urge to reinstall is not an option.

  DrScott 13:43 20 Feb 06

What i've done in the past is run the norton uninstaller, reboot and then run CCleaner to clear out the registry entries.

You might have to start in safe mode to run the uninstaller, but I'm not really sure on that.

  rmcqua 13:45 20 Feb 06

This is becoming a recurring saga. Why, oh why, have Norton (Symantec) made their product so user unfriendly, especially when it is bundled with so many new machines? Surely their growing unpopularity cannot be in the best interests of their business?

  stylehurst 14:01 20 Feb 06

Have a look on the Symantec site for instructions on the use of SymNRT. This & the other items mentioned in the instructions will get rid of Norton but run CCleaner & RegSeeker afterwards to get rid of the remnants in the Registry.

  Diemmess 15:34 20 Feb 06

So far so good.

stylehurst.....I can and have downloaded the SymNRT and "how to do it file".... only snag is that he cannot do it for himself because of this very problem.

I may have to "saddle the horse" for a 25 mile round trip. If only he was a mite more appreciative!

  stylehurst 17:20 20 Feb 06

I think you are saying you cannot use SymNRT because Norton does not appear in Add/Remove.
If so ignore bit in instructions about using Add/Remove first, and go straight to using SymNRT.
Don't forget to also use other two bits mentioned in the instructions.
Norton is a b*****d to get rid of, it took me a whole afternoon until I was satisfied it had gone.

  Diemmess 18:10 20 Feb 06

New thread (since I posted this one as closed)
I downloaded SymNRT and the "how to do it file", sent them in separate emails.
He has opened and printed the Word doc, but the exe file will not open - proudly blocked by Norton which says it is already stopped, disabled or whatever!

Catch 22?

  Diemmess 18:13 20 Feb 06
  Diemmess 14:54 21 Feb 06

This thread was perhaps prematurely terminated.
I case someone wants to know the answer, please use the link above.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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