Norton Live Update problem

  palinka 22:09 20 Dec 05

A friend tells me that she has this problem with Norton: it began about a week ago after she'd done an update; not sure exactly what the problem was at first but now, every time she switches on her computer she gets a message "Live update is out of date". She can drag and drop the error message so that she can use the computer, but she can't get rid of the message. But she says her norton IS up to date.
I asked how often she updates; she said "whenever it tells me to". I use AVG. I used Norton years ago but i've forgotten its quirks, so can anyone suggest a solution please? Her subs to Norton is OK until Oct 2006 so that's not the problem & as far as I know she hasn't visited any sites where she may have picked up malware. OS is XP , so I suppose a sys restore to a suitable date would be one solution but I hope someone can suggest a "cure".

  VoG II 22:10 20 Dec 05

What is the error code - L????

  palinka 22:26 20 Dec 05

Just spoken to her again; she says no error code, just the message. In more detail that says: "your computer is at risk; your virus protection is out of date; open your norton product to resolve this" and then there's this "tick box" - "to prevent duplicate security stasus alerts use my existing Norton product alerts and turn off redundant windows security alerts; recommended". She also says she can run live updates from "definition alerts" and the updates complete, but still the error message every few seconds. She has broadband connection & has Norton firewall running.

  palinka 22:27 20 Dec 05

oops, that shold be "to prevent duplicate security status alerts ......"

  VoG II 22:41 20 Dec 05

This may be a spoof if they are like click here

  palinka 22:57 20 Dec 05

Thanks very much, VoG™. I'll pass that link on to her tomorrow. When she first told me about the problem it sounded genuine enough, but the exact phrases of the message that she's now given made me wonder if it was caused by malware, especially the "recommended: turn off security alerts".

  palinka 15:17 21 Dec 05

Friend has solved it herself: fault was caused by wrong date on her computer; she says, "When I ran a live update, it showed todays date, but when I decided to run a complete virus scan, it showed that latest scan was 2/06/06! I then checked the date on my computer and it was wrong! When I corrected the date the 'offending' message has gone."

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