Norton Internet Security/Emsis Antimalware/McAfee Total Protection

  compumac 22 Jun 11

Just bought a Samsung RV711 laptop with Norton Internet Security installed. I have not been a fan of Norton products for some years now and wonder at three aspects? 1) Is Norton Internet Security worth having? 2) Does it conflict with Emsis Antimalware? I have to hand McAfee Total Security that I could use instead - Any suggestions? Currently I have four PC's running McAfee and Antimalware side by side>

  Woolwell 22 Jun 11

Latest reviews put Norton at the top and much better than McAfee. Norton is not the beast it was.

  compumac 22 Jun 11

Woolwell Thanks for that I have the "Agree" option ready to go for Norton Internet Security installation - will leave it for another thirty minutes or so and then GO! My McAfee subscription on the other PC's is almost due so it would probably worth trying the Norton product anyway before renewing McAfee.

  Snrub 22 Jun 11

I run McAfee for 2 reasons, it was pre-installed 6 month trial on my new computer and I use BT Broadband Option 2 which comes with BT NetProtect (McAfee) already paid for. McAfee works well in the background, does its job, updates itself, does automated scans and leaves time spent on-line for webrowsing. Past experience shows that problems arise when a computer is switched from one security suite to another because whilst you think you may have uninstalled the first one usually remnants remain which cause potential conflict. So my advise would be to stick to same package as pre-installed.

  rawprawn 22 Jun 11

I am running NIS 2011, and find it excellent. Like you I took a very dim view of Norton in the past. I have also with others in this forum been testing NIS 2012 Beta, you can see the results here. Norton 2012 Test

  sunnystaines 22 Jun 11

i too just got a samsung netbook and will be keeping the norton once the trial 60days ends


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