norton internet security and vpn

  frior-one 09:53 08 Mar 06

Hi, trying to connect to work via vpn. xp pro / sbs 2003. vpn all working if nis turned off. has anyone managed to configue nis to allow vpn access before? or provide tips on what to do?

  Danoh 13:22 08 Mar 06

I do not recall having to modify NIS to set up VPN tunnels successfully twice, to access two different corporate networks (at different periods of time).

Can you provide more details of your networking kit and configurations? (What is SBS 2003?)

  frior-one 14:45 08 Mar 06

hi. sbs = small businness server 2003. my pc is running nis 2004. as i said if i disable it i can map the network drives. with it on i get "path not found". after doing a bit of googleing there does seem to be a problem with norton and vpn. so if you have managed it i would like to know how you did it please.

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