Norton internet security internal error

  playmofire 20:55 21 Jun 08

On a couple of occasions in the last few days after running Liveupdate followed by a full system scan, Norton announces it has hit an internal error and I am told to go to the Symantec site. There you are meant to run a tool which will start Liveupdate (but this only works if you're using IE and if you then go to IE as they direct you it doesn't seem to work - I guess to get it to work you have to go to IE straightaway.) First time round there was nothing about only using IE, so as I couldn't get the Liveupdate tool to work, I just ran it manually and then when there were no new updates (which there weren't on first running) followed the rest of the instructions on the screen which involved unchecking the option to scan compressed files. However, today the error occurred again, even though the scan compressed files option is still unchecked, and I couldn't get the Liveupdate tool to work via IE so I just repeated what I did last time. Has anyone else had this problem of the internal error, and have they solved it?

  sunny staines 21:13 21 Jun 08

delete norton via add/remove and reinstall it again this fixes most norton problems.

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