Norton Internet Security About To Expire.

  natural*blonde 17:05 04 Sep 07

Hi bear with me as this is my first posting,i have Norton Internet Security on my PC and it is about to expire, i have clicked on the renew subscription and it will cost me £39.99 for another year, can anyone tell me if i was to uninstall the antivirus and run a free one will the Norton firewall still run and protect me? I only ask this as it seems that paying the £39.99 seems to be more for the anti virus definistions or am i wrong in understanding this, will the firewall not work properly allso.
Could someone advise me on this please, many thanks.

  C3 17:13 04 Sep 07

If you are running Windows XP, uninstall the whole Norton package, then install AVG (Anti-virus) and Comodo Free Firewall.

AVG Free : click here

Comodo Free Firewall : click here

Although Comodo will require a little setting up, it is pretty simple to understand.

If you're using Vista, then you can either use the built in Vista Firewall or Zone Alarm Free Firewall.

  Clapton is God 17:17 04 Sep 07

No, the Norton firewall won't run - because if you uninstall NIS you've uninstalled all aspects if it, including the firewall.

Use these excellent free programs:

click here

click here

click here

click here

And use this to completely uninstall Norton from your PC:

click here

  birdface 17:40 04 Sep 07

And if you are thinking of keeping Norton. Shop around and you will get it a lot cheaper than £39.99 this one,click here

  birdface 17:41 04 Sep 07

Oops wrong one.Internet Security you were looking for.

  birdface 17:42 04 Sep 07
  natural*blonde 18:28 04 Sep 07

Thanks to all for your replies lots of choice thankyou C3,Clapton is God (like it) and buteman.

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