Norton Internet Security

  GBL 30 Apr 11

I recently bought a new Laptop on Windows 7 64bit, with pre installed with Nortons Internet Security. Is Zone Alarm Free and AVG free a good replacement? as I am am getting to the end of the trial. Or any other suggestions?

  wee eddie 30 Apr 11

NIS will do it all but, as you have realised, will cost you around £1 a week.

Free Services such as, AVG, Zone Alarm, Malwarebytes, CCleaner and many others, will do the job just as well for a personal PC but you will, maybe, have to do a little more yourself in setting them up and some do not have an Automated Scan Mode set-up.

There are many of these services, just follow the threads here and you'll gather which ones people have. Each of us chose the one we use because we like it as opposed to the Opposition, few of us agree which is the best. In fact, if you read the Results of the Professional Testing done by the various Magazines, neither can the professionals.

I was about to say: "You pays yer money and takes yer choice" but there is no need to pay any money although I make a personal contribution, every couple of years, to those that I use regularly.

  sunnystaines 30 Apr 11

i would keep norton

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 Apr 11

If using Windows 7 Use windows own firewall Microsoft security essentials realtime Antivirus and antispyware

SpywareBlaster as a Blocker

Back it up with malwarebytes free version to scan weekly and you will be well protected for free.

  rawprawn 30 Apr 11

Your new laptop running Windows 7 does not need an external Firewall, just use the one built in. I would suggest Avast Free as an AV Avast Free

  GBL 30 Apr 11

Thanks for all you input. Take care.


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