norton internet security

  duvat 20:30 19 Dec 06

I downloaded & paid for a years protection from Norton-even although I'm still supposed to have 188 days protection. My Norton protection has disappeared and any attempt to redownload meets with the request for another years subcriptionwhat can I do to bring back my internet protection?

if you're on the same pc, you should just be able to download and account details carry, ive done it twice now after a reformat, have you sot account pin? i have mine but never had to use it because when i activate it it transfers my account to the new download, it just asked for email address and password. have you tried costomer service?

glad to hear it, please dont use envelope to contact members directly, its a bit of an intrusion plus noone else will learn what to do if they have your problem, which was a reinstall thanks adam

  birdface 18:45 21 Dec 06

As Long as you have the keycode you should still be able to download it.Use Norton removal tool,To get rid of it, Then run C Cleaner,To get rid of whats left, Then re-download it and add your keycode,

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