Norton Internet Security 2005

  IKC 23:09 25 Nov 04

I have just upgraded to this package. All has gone fine, but activation has proved impossible - the activation windown just hangs until i kill it with task manager. I am running SP2.
Anyone got any ideas or experienced the same??


  gudgulf 00:38 26 Nov 04

I have just upgraded to the same product (from the 2004 version ) without problem also with SP2 installed.Try visiting the support website or look in the manual for your product for a uk helpline number.

You could also try uninstalling the program and removing all residual Norton/Symantec folders then reinstalling.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:47 26 Nov 04

I have now taken this product off 7 computers. AVG + zone alarm, free and IMHO better.


  Danoh 03:31 26 Nov 04

Running NIS 2005 with XP SP2, no problems at all. Nor with NIS 2003, etc.

  Danoh 03:36 26 Nov 04

Symantec's site has been slow when I've tried to access over the past few days, even though I'm on broadband access. Are you on dial-up?

N/B There is a hiccup caused by NIS 2005's anti-Spam on Outlook installed for multiple user accounts on XP. It is an annoyance rather than a show stopper, especially as the self-learning anti-Spam works sufficiently well for me to be able to resurrect the use of a dormant email address I've surrendered to the onslaught of SPAM ages ago.

  david.h 16:32 26 Nov 04

nis2005 upgraded from 2003, got sp2 got no problems. what else have got on the pc.

  IKC 18:54 26 Nov 04

I've tried the phone support. I was told to delete the symantec folder in the registry and then reinstall the product - it made no difference. Other programs installed - office 2000, coreldraw, microsoft activesync...nothing special. I've tried downloading live update - again, no difference.


  Kegger 19:03 26 Nov 04

I have had a lot of problems with friends PC's and NIS of all flavours, i would also install AVG and Zone alarm instaed and have done so on 50+ PC's with no upset customers / friends

  Danoh 19:53 26 Nov 04

Have you tried running the automated support assistant from click here ?

Or search the knowledge base click here ?

To look to uninstall and reinstall cleanly, try this selection click here

I have not installed 50+ but have helped <10 others, all also without any problems. Looking to help IKC rather then engage in product knocking, ok guys? :-)

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