Norton Internet Security 2005

  Gaz 25 16:42 21 Oct 04


My subscription for Norton 2002 has expired, and I have used the 2005 trial and am happy with it on my laptop as it runs smoothly.

However I have 7 pc's to protect at home, 1 is the media centre PC as well for which I watch TV on.

Decided to keep norton on the one's that already have it. However, that means I would have to buy 5 copies, which I find unreasonable considering it cost's £59.99.

Is there anyway, I can have 2 licences and install it on at least 4 of my computers without breaking the law?

I'm pretty annoyed that companies can do that, Norton have loads of money anyway.

Has anyone tried installing it on more than one PC?

  stylehurst 17:03 21 Oct 04

Why not consider an alternative such as Zone Alarm, which to my mind is better than Norton as a firewall. It doesn't require product activation so a single copy could be used on multiple machines.
Alternatively look at some of the other fire wall programs.

  Gaz 25 17:06 21 Oct 04

I have... but your not supposed to use non-pro versions in networks, and... Zonealarm can have it's problems.

I have a hardware firewall gateway level anyway.

  woodt 17:40 21 Oct 04

`but your not supposed to use non-pro versions in networks`

Where did you read that. If its just anti virus your concerned about why not try the free version of AVG.

  Gaz 25 17:48 21 Oct 04

for example, it says clearly you cannot use it on networked machines.

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