Norton Int Security 2007 and Windows Defender

  lively 14:44 09 Nov 06

Recently, on the strength of your review, I purchased Norton Int Sec 2007. During install I was informed that I must remove 'Windows Defender' and 'Spybot S & D'. As this was not mentioned in your review, does this affect my computers security? If so can I redownload these programs without disaster or are they not needed now?

  anskyber 14:52 09 Nov 06

Have a read of this click here which might help on one point.

I think on Defender, although I do not use it the program is a full time protection and it is not recommended to run two at a time. it could lead to a system crash.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:20 09 Nov 06

I don't know what the incompatibilities may be with NIS2007 but, NIS2005, Spybot and Windows Defender coexist happily on my PC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:21 09 Nov 06

I should further point out that When I format and reinstall Windows, NIS goes on before the other two.

  Lettervanman 15:47 09 Nov 06

Ignore it! I did and have no problems.

  lively 19:33 09 Nov 06

Many thanks to all for kind help.

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