boxclever 10:09 23 Feb 04

Can you please help. I keep getting a message that IAMAPP.EXE found a problem and needs to shut down. This is happening more frequently lately. I have done the usual virus and spyware checks and found nothing. Any ideas please. Ihave tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Firewall.

  Tog 11:50 23 Feb 04

Might be worth sending an email to Symantec or having a look through their FAQs

  slimbo51 11:57 23 Feb 04

Had this a couple of times myself over the years.

A re-install has always cured this for me.

I always make sure I clear all the registry and any ref to the old prog in windows before the re-install. Never had any probs using this method.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:00 23 Feb 04

Is IAMAPP.EXE something to do with your email client?,i have one for Incredimail unless it spelt diff.


  Tog 12:03 23 Feb 04

I think the email one has an extra "i" in there somewhere

  boxclever 12:45 23 Feb 04

I've cleared the registry and reinstalled - no problems so far (touch wood). The incredimail file is imapp i think. Thanks for the help

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