Norton Ghost freezing

  Shadwellal 15:05 22 Dec 05

I am using Norton Ghost 9 to back up my laptop to an external hard disk. I frequently do this from another PC with no problems. The external drive has 70GB free and the backup should be about 25GB. The laptop is running XP Home. The backup goes fine until 75%done and it says "verifying image integrity validating data blocks" at which point the laptop freezes and does nothing unless I force it to reboot. Any suggestions please?

  prince midas 17:33 22 Dec 05

I do the same but after having the same problem as yourself I now do not verify when doing the original ghost backup.I verify after using ghost and apart from it being much quicker I do not get any problems

  Shadwellal 20:02 22 Dec 05

Thank you for the suggestion - I'll try that and report back.

  Shadwellal 09:02 23 Dec 05

Thank you - that worked! Strange though - if it would back up and then verify, it seems odd that it won't do both as one operation. Anyway, good to have found a way round it.

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