micemews 20:46 11 Nov 05

I have a backup of my C drive on another hard drive E. I want to format E so that I can start again with a clean disk on which to record future backups. However when I try to format E, a message says that that another application (which I assume refers to Norton ghost) is using that drive and that if it is formatted it will cause that application to malfunction.

Is it possible to format E withou causing Norton Ghost to malfunction in future?

  keith-236785 20:52 11 Nov 05

Is there anything else on drive E:?

if you only have norton ghost backup/s on crive E:, then delete them/it and format the drive.

but dont forget, you wont have a backup once deleted and should create a new one a.s.a.p

if you have trouble, try a reboot after deleting the backups, might just help

  ICF 06:41 12 Nov 05

You could put the image on cd or DVD then format the drive then put the image back on the drive.Also depending how much free space is on your C drive you could put save to the C drive temporally then tranfer back to E drive after you have formatted it.

  micemews 15:46 12 Nov 05

Thanks for the response to my question.
There is nothing on drive E except for backups and other items tat I no longer need. When formatted I intend to use E for backups only.

My concern was that if I formatted E, then because of the message that if I did so it would cause other applcations to malfunction, then these applications might malfunction afterwards.

In addition to Norton Ghost I have Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works installed.

Sorry to be a nuisance, but are you able to confirm that these Norton products would operate normally after formatting E.

  keith-236785 07:12 13 Nov 05

i cant give any guarantees but i have norton ghost 9 installed and do not get the message when i try to format a partition, are you sure it is norton ghost that is responsible for the warning message, or are you just guessing?

i would suspect it is the norton internet system works that is monitoring and protecting your system from formats etc..... i dont have any other norton product apart from Ghost, so cant help much.

you should be able to format drive E: without any worries.

good luck

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