Norton Ghost

  Bongo Bill 14:39 13 Jul 05

I've just installed Norton Ghost and transferred the contents of my old 20Gb hard drive to my new 200Gb hard drive. Everything has gone smoothly. I took the old hard drive out and now use the new hard drive. I am able to boot from it etc. However when I check the drives in 'My Computer'it shows the 20 Gb drive as 'c' even though it is not physically there and the 200Gb drive as 'f'. This is fine but I cannot access the 'f' drive. It's as though I've still got the old 20Gb drive. I followed the instructions fully in the manual. I was surprised to find that you don't have to format the new drive first. The BIOS recognizes the new drive as 200 Gb. Any ideas?
Many Thanks

  Danoh 18:22 13 Jul 05

It's literally a Ghost of the original 20Gb installation, as you have restored an exact image copy of the "20Gb" installation onto your new 200Gb hard drive.

I'm not faimiliar with Ghost but other imaging products would enable you to do a "bare-metal" restore by booting up from the (Ghost) CD rather than running the application after you have booted Windows up from your Hard Drive.

  glen2409 18:27 13 Jul 05


I use Ghost and have done something similar. Did you click the button to resize disk on image

  Bongo Bill 20:41 13 Jul 05

Thanks. I didn't cleck the resize button. Should I have done that? If so should I format my new hard drive and then go through the process again?
Thanks again

  glen2409 20:48 13 Jul 05

I forgot to do it and had the same problem. i formatted the drive and then reloaded the image with that ticked

  Danoh 21:29 13 Jul 05

Glad you caught sight of this post, glen2409!

  Bongo Bill 22:30 13 Jul 05

Thanks. I'll try that over the next couple of days when I get time.

  Peter 15:51 14 Jul 05


If you have made any changes to your 20 Gig drivr on your new 200 Gig drive you could/should make another image and then reload it using the resize button. Make sure you take a backup of everything incase of problems.


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