blackpat 10:05 07 Oct 06

Hi all, I recently installed Norton ghost 10 on my new computer. I have backed up the full c drive to a 80 gb external drive. I have the recovery point disk file set to once a month and it backs up the c drive twice a week.What I want to know is, when the twice weekly back ups are stored on my external drive, can I delete some of them and keep the recent back ups or do I need to keep them all? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  sean-278262 10:37 07 Oct 06

Keeping them or deleting them is up to you. Most people would keep at least 10% free for performance in the back up drive. I myself would keep at least 2 backups and if I had the space the first one also as a reference point. However it is up to you how many you keep but a minimum of 2 is advised. If the first one is corrupt when you come to need it then you are still in the same boat as if you had never purchased the hard drive.

  blackpat 05:29 08 Oct 06

Many thanks Creature, I will follow your advice.

  terryf 05:36 08 Oct 06

I would make sure that one of your backups is a good one without any problems and keep this as a reference, the problem I see with your continuing backups is that you may be backing up nasties (or are you only backing up data). I keep all data on D and have an image backup of c: which is only os and progs

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