Norton finds but cant fix

  eedcam 19:16 26 Jun 05

Last night norton came up with virus report you have a virus on your computer.Norton cannot repair I got no response from clicking OK or the little cross.Had to do cntl alt delete to close.It had said the virus was bloodhound something.Did a full scan and norton found nowt anyone any ideas as to this

  Eric10 19:22 26 Jun 05

click here for explanation of Symantec's Bloodhound technology.

  eedcam 19:31 26 Jun 05

Thanks Eric but I looked there its as clear as mud to me.What I cant understand is why have an Anti virus system that tells you you have virus states it cant fix it then cant find it on a scan.Or am I miising something as usual.

  brambles 19:42 26 Jun 05

I looked for Bloodhound for you on Google - this eventually led me to this link where you can download a fix.

Best of luck. When you get a problem with Anti Virus etc type in Google 'Remove Bloodhound' for example and the answers are normally there!


click here

  Eric10 19:57 26 Jun 05

All that's happening is that Norton AV is detecting something suspicious by a method known as heuristics which is a way of detecting suspicious or virus-like activity that may be a new unknown virus. Since the 'virus' (or not) is unknown the program can't possibly remove it. That is why the advice is to make sure that your definitions are the very latest and do a full scan. Your AV program is just playing safe and personally I'd rather be safe than sorry. If you really want confusing try this for an explanation of heuristic.
click here

  eedcam 22:10 26 Jun 05

Thanks everyone for your time.I take your point Eric about safe than sorry.

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