Linda Weir 16:23 03 May 09

SUDDENly, my firefox and internet explorer won't work. i bought a new norton 360 , my pc can't run it properly and it says norton met with a corruption!

it works on my sons laptop.

i have no virus protection now and it looks like i can only use safari, which has installed itself and is my only access to the internet. linda , please any ideas?

  Sea Urchin 16:41 03 May 09

Is it Norton 360 version 2.0 - if not I think it will only cover one PC or laptop.

  Linda Weir 16:46 03 May 09

i spent 2 hours with the norton guy, he told me then to contact windows. I have pc performance, they have told me to reboot. but I have a lot of stuff i'm scared of losing.

i'd rather not reboot.
i can go to pc world for a healthcheck.

  tullie 16:47 03 May 09

If its Norton 360 v3 then its ok for three computers.Have you tried an online chat with a Norton rep?Have you tried a reinstallation of Norton?Has this happened only since the Norton installation?What is your operating system.

  tullie 16:53 03 May 09

What do you mean when the the rep said contact Windows?What is PC Performance.Why not try uninstalling Norton then reinstalling?

  Linda Weir 16:54 03 May 09

i had an online version which expired. igot 360 v.2 with a new laptop for my son. Safari certainly took over as default before norton debacle.
i talk 2 hours with norton, 1 hour with pc performance , no help. i may still have someof the old norton on thepc. but i have tried over and over toinstall 360 , it says 'met a corruption' contact symantec. already done it , no good.

  Linda Weir 16:56 03 May 09

sorry my system is windows xp

  Linda Weir 16:58 03 May 09

i don't know what he meant by contact windows. pc performance is £10 a month help package pc world. they have often been v. good. but can't help with this. they say reboot, but in my experience one loses a lot of data.

  Linda Weir 17:00 03 May 09

do you thinkmy son registering it to windows vista would make it not operate on my windows xp?

  sunnystaines 18:56 03 May 09

norton 360 v2 is problematic, goto norton support download version 3 and enter your ver 2 key.

any problems contact norton live support free chat they will help you do this.

  lotvic 00:19 04 May 09

reboot just means to close pc down and switch off, then switch on again and start pc up.

Are you saying you never close your pc down in case you lose a lot of data?

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