Norton AV has found 10 Dialers on Broadband ??

  Tinkey Winkey 22:01 14 Oct 04

Have just run NAV and deleted the 10 Diallers it found as recommended.

Thing is I'm on broadband and thought that I could not get these - or they will not work as Ive got an always on connection ?

Can anyone clarify this for me please ?

Is it possible that I'm going to get a nasty phone bill ?

  Djohn 22:06 14 Oct 04

Different frequency, but may make a connection through your dial up modem if it is still in the PC and connected to the phone line.

Best to unplug a dial up modem when its not required, only connect it when necessary. dj

  daisy2bell 22:10 14 Oct 04

"Best to unplug a dial up modem when its not required, only connect it when necessary. dj "

That's what I do

  Tinkey Winkey 22:19 14 Oct 04

Peace of Mind

Thank You.

  Djohn 22:23 14 Oct 04

BodgeItAndScarper although your safe from the diallers, I would be a bit concerned as to how so many got onto your machine. Have you got a firewall running and an up to date virus checker along with other nasties protection. :o(

  Furthark 22:38 14 Oct 04

Is it ok to unplug the broadband modem?
I will be going broadband next week and find it confusing. cheers

  Djohn 23:05 14 Oct 04

Do you mean the dial up modem? Yes, it will be best to unplug it [Pull out the small connector]where it goes into the modem at the rear of your PC.

No need to unplug the broadband modem when not in use just use the disconnect Icon that will be on your desktop but really quite safe to leave running all the time your PC is turned on if you have a firewall and antivirus applications installed and up to date.

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