Norton AV has detected Trojan!!

  BLUELEN 21:34 13 Jul 04

Have just turned computer on and an alert box(which I seem unable to remove) from Norton states that a Trojan has been detected but it has been unable to repair the file but has denied access to it.

THe Norton AV software states that the system status is ok. Do I need to take any action and if so what please. Thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:36 13 Jul 04

Boot into safe mode and delete the file from there. We'll need your OS type to guide you through booting into safe mode.


  BLUELEN 21:43 13 Jul 04

My OS is XP pro. thanks

  BLUELEN 22:11 13 Jul 04

Could I please also have some advice on manually deleting this file. Will the alert box stay on the desktop until I delete the file? Thanks

  BLUELEN 22:14 13 Jul 04

Could I also have some advice on manually deleting this file please. Will the advice box stay on the desktop until I have deleted the it? Thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:16 13 Jul 04

click here follow the instructions from the site and then go to your C drive-windows-system32-find the file, right clikc and delete.


  BLUELEN 22:17 13 Jul 04

Apologies for duplicate request - didn't think the first one had gone properly!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:17 13 Jul 04 a virus scan whilst still in safe mode-reboot.


  BLUELEN 23:26 13 Jul 04


Have rebooted in safe mode, done a full scan of computer - just the one trojan as previously stated -- have located it in win systems32. Is it ok to delete it as I haven't done any backup of the registry. Do I need to or is it ok to delete? Is this file the trojan and nothing else that was previously there? Thanks

  sattman 07:13 14 Jul 04

I am wondering if Norton has treated your suspect file in a different way to that which I assumed was normal action.

I thought that always when it came up with the message unable to repair that it gave the option to quarantine it.

If you do quarantine it can be deleted from "reports/View Quarantined item/view reports" at any time that you wish.

It is most probably ok to delete, but if you are not sure you could always play safe, rename and leave for few days

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:25 14 Jul 04

You can just delete the file.


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