Norton AV 2002 won't automatically update or scan

  Red Devil 05:02 05 Sep 03

I have Norton Ant-Virus 2002 installed and it works fine but it will not automatically update despite the option being selected in perferences.

I have also set up a weekly scan so that my HD will be scanned regulerly even if I forget to check it but that doesn't work either.

Would any-one have any idea as to why these 2 facilities don't work properly or suggestions as to what I can do to get them to work?

I'm running Windows XP Home if it's any help.

  powerless 05:12 05 Sep 03

Troubleshoot for WU click here


Download it from here click here

  powerless 05:18 05 Sep 03

Apologies Wrong post at 05:12 to the wrong thread!

Red Devil...

How have you set the task scehduler to run?

Also there seems to be a problem with the Live update of NAV. To update it download the 20030904-009-i32.exe from click here

Double click the file and it will update the virus defs.

If you go to start > Run > Type:


Click ok and then click APPLICATION. Look for ERROR and there should be one related to NAV about a transmission eror.

  STEVE71163 06:49 05 Sep 03

Mine is doing the same the last few days. It will not scan at the set time and its not updating?? It will scan if i go into norton and click on scan but not automatically.

  powerless 06:55 05 Sep 03

Click my above "click here" and download the file and that will update the virus defs.

  STEVE71163 21:37 05 Sep 03

Thanks Powerless. I have already downloaded the update but i can't work out why live update is not working automatically and it is still not scanning as scheduled?

  Red Devil 21:44 05 Sep 03

I'm still having the same problem.

NAV still won't utoupdate or run a scheduled scan.

Frustrating to say the least.

  powerless 21:46 05 Sep 03

Have you looked in the event viewer?

  Red Devil 22:13 05 Sep 03

Yep, I've looked in the event viewer.

There's no errors that look like they relate to NAV transmission errors.

In fact I've just used the filters to look only for NAV errors and there's no errors at all.

  STEVE71163 11:04 06 Sep 03

I have had a look in event viewer as well and their is nothing? It was working fine last week.

  iashem 13:12 06 Sep 03

is your subscrition to norton anti-virus out of date as this will stop autoupdate

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