Norton Antivirus Pro 2003, version number?

  Mysticnas 19:06 31 Oct 03

Hi all...

My NAV is really playing up, it won't download the latest update. Everything is upto scrath, been in touch with symantec but i got one useless reply and not heard a thing since. Gone through all their online help many times and tried everything, but it's still playing up.

Can anyone who thinks they got the latest updated version of NAV pro 2003 (updated via liveupdate) what the version number is?

You'll find it in the about box. Open NAV click help and select About to find out.

Thanks all.

  AubreyS 19:11 31 Oct 03

Hi there. Sorry to hear about your problems. You hear this so often with so called "support" these day's. I have the same version as you and it is 9.05.15. I hope that this is of use to you. A.

  Mysticnas 20:17 31 Oct 03

i've got 9.00.68 and i thought that was upto date....

Do u know if i can manually download the update from anywhere?

  AubreyS 21:11 31 Oct 03

As far as I know, only from Symantics site via Liveupdate, but of course that isn't an option to you. All I can suggest is that you keep emailing them until you get a response.

  AubreyS 21:12 31 Oct 03

you could also try to uninstall then reinstall, that might work.

  AubreyS 21:14 31 Oct 03

Is this any good? click here

  Mysticnas 21:59 31 Oct 03

i've tried all that reinstalling stuff, used rnav, deleted registry keys, folders from explorer etc.. done everything in the online trouble shooting guides!

  james55 22:52 31 Oct 03

Like AubreyS my version is 9.05.15 and I have been fortunate and get updated regularly.

  powerless 22:55 31 Oct 03

click here and click the big yellow thing at the top.

  Mysticnas 23:20 31 Oct 03

that just tells me what i already know. :o(

james55 i've always updated, i do updates everyday. The reply that the guy said was along the lines off it could be the liveupdate process itself that's corrupted the files itself!

he just reccomended uninstalling and reinstalling it. Like i haven't tried that already about 20million times!!! it's pointless. I think i have to leave it as is and just wait for the new 2004 stuff! oh well...

  powerless 23:22 31 Oct 03

oh 2004 eh?

oooooo your gonna love :-( it.

I had a problemo my self with it.

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