Norton antivirus 2007 & Zone Alarm?

  grumpy-git 23:01 29 Oct 06

Just upgraded to the above, but when installing it says to remove Zone Alarm as it is not compatible.

Anybody come across this before, or can they work together?


  DJ-Garry 23:03 29 Oct 06

personally, i swear by ZA and use it with AVG free anti virus. I wouldn't use another program especially Norton, if it conflicted with ZA. My humble opinion only. G.

  pac73 23:05 29 Oct 06

Ive got the same setup,avg and za.Ive never had a problem.

  chocolate cake 23:05 29 Oct 06

What version of ZA are you using?

  Totally-braindead 23:18 29 Oct 06

Are you sure its just the Norton anti virus you have and not say Norton Internet Security because it has a firewall and having 2 running may be the problem.
If not then my only suggestions are download the latest version, delete the old one and install the new one and see what happens. Or try another free firewall.
Can't advise further as I don't use Norton.

  grumpy-git 23:23 29 Oct 06

Thanks for those answers.

ZA is the latest (free) version, and it is just Norton Anti Virus, not Norton Internet Security

  chocolate cake 23:40 29 Oct 06

I've just had a scan through the ZA user forum click here this thread should interest you.

It seems that there are issues with Norton AV and ZA.

  grumpy-git 23:51 29 Oct 06

Thanks chocolate cake.

Maybe I should get a refund for the NAV 2007 & renew the subscription to the older NAV 2005 which has come to the end of its 12 months. Seems it is the later Norton products that cause conflicts.


  skidzy 00:10 30 Oct 06

Not just with Zonealarm Pro,its not compatible with Zonelarm free here

Looks like Symantec have taken security to another level...Like most,i use Zonealarm and AVG on 2 systems and Mcafee on the laptop (only use Mcafee as this was preinstalled with 15 months free).

  grumpy-git 00:18 30 Oct 06

Thanks skidzy,

Seems one of those reviewers re-installed Zonealarm after installing NAV & it worked fine.

All very confusing.

  skidzy 00:21 30 Oct 06

try it and see if you have any joy,personally i would ditch Norton and thats coming from me who has tried it in the past and had nothing but problems.

I know norton has its admirers,but i really think its losing a lot of them at the moment.

Good luck.

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