Norton Anti Virus

  crobar 14:52 21 Mar 03

After downloading new virus definitions, Norton advises that the set of virus rescue disks is updated.

Often - mostly - when preparing the boot disk from the on-screen prompts, an error message is displayed advising that there is an invalid partititon table (what????) The options are Retry, Ignore and Cancel. Retry leads to the return of the original options and Cancel closes the system down.

Pressing Ignore allows all the rest of the configuration to continue.

But what is the significance of the Invalid Partition Table message and is it safe to press the Ignore button? Would the disks work in the event of a virus emergency?

I COULD e-mail Norton but what chance of a reply?


  eccomputers 18:00 21 Mar 03

do you by any chance have a zip drive on/in your system? if so put a disk in it.

  crobar 20:30 21 Mar 03

No, afraid not ecco - these were an expensive cutting edge option in '97 when I bought this computer. It's a floppy or nothing.

Does it matter when an invalid partition table is reported? What is the meaning (in simple terms)?


  Despicable Desperado 20:59 21 Mar 03

Norton are pretty good at answering but think this is a Windows prob. You need to boot to a command prompt and run scandisk with the /f switch. How you do it depends on your version of windows. If that doesn't work type the error in a search engine and pick the best solution!!

  Advocatum 21:05 21 Mar 03

Sometime I was experimentes a problem such you said, and all became when at CMOS a slave HD (wich contains NAV) was not recognized, I revised the BIOS and trouble was fixed.

  crobar 21:38 21 Mar 03

DD you may be onto something here. I've run scandisk from Windows before and experienced no subsequent partition table error when preparing the rescue boot disk. But the problem has returned later.

I don't have the technical knowledge to work in ms-dos with confidence. Will scandisk from Windows not do the trick? I guess if Windows is the problem, dos is the only way to cure it?

Does the partition table error matter anyway?


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