Norton Anti Virus 2001

  ROCKHARD 21:18 26 Jul 04

Can anyone advise me? My computer is just over 3 years old & came with NAV 2001 which I updated in 02 & 03. This year I tried to up-date but was advised that they no longer offer support to this version. What is the best solution - uninstall NAV & download AVG OR buy NAV 04? I've read reviews of NAV 04 which are very UN-complimentary (crashes etc).
I would appreciate any advice.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:22 26 Jul 04

AVG, there is no need to pay for an AV.


  bretsky 21:43 26 Jul 04

Would suugest you type in "Antivirus" into the search panel {top left}as there are many many threads on this.

bretsky ;0)

  JoeC 21:57 26 Jul 04

for a comparison.

click here

  sattman 00:17 27 Jul 04

I ask why are you going to the expense to upgrade Norton each year?.

If you are getting regular updates through auto-update or even manually updating twice per week then Norton is giving you all the AV protection you need

  ROCKHARD 18:12 27 Jul 04

Thanks all.

Saatman - I'm still reguarly receiving the flashing Norton 'beacon' in the status bar (including this evening. Does this mean that Norton are still downloading AV protection? (Sorry to appear a bit dim on this one)!!

  sattman 19:57 27 Jul 04

Dont apologise Rockhard - all of us are learning all the time.

Norton updates for me are very regular I think twice a week, I pay little attention, think it is Sunday and Wednesday. The only exception occurs when new or high virus activity is expected.

The Norton activity in your case sugests that Norton is trying to update.

Does it all appear up to date, with no warnings etc

What happens if you go to live update.

I have found that Norton on Win ME is ok provided your computor is workin ok.

One thing that can be a problem is the system restores, going back to a set up with old definitions can screw it big time.

  Daffodil 20:10 27 Jul 04

Further to the original query, I have NAV 2001 and tried to renew my annual updates, which Norton demands, on the Norton website. The reply is that you can only do this if you have a version installed after May 2004.

I simply uninstalled then re-installed NAV 2001 and it picked up all the updates.

Does this make sense?

  ROCKHARD 22:42 27 Jul 04

Many thanks to all for your help.

To Daffodil - Strangely enough I un-installed NAV 2001 last year due to a problem with the computer & then re-installed it. As I mentioned previously I still appear to be getting the updates even though I haven't renewed my subscription (very strange)!!
Just checked the System Status which shows yesterday's date (26/07/04) along side Virus Definitions.

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