chrissy1 01:00 03 Apr 09

friend given second hand computer...installed avg anti virus and noticed that norton still in the add and remove....before i download the removal tool its asks what version is already on...havent got a would you find out or should i just go ahead anyway?...Also while on this site find that the pages too big to fit on the screen..having to use left and right arrows...any idea how to improve this?

  brundle 01:06 03 Apr 09

Look in c:\program folders for the Norton program, but otherwise I would just go ahead.

You need video drivers to increase the display resolution. Get hardware info with this; click here

  brindly 19:08 04 Apr 09

My McAfee has expired and because I have two computers I needed to renew with a 3 user licence which I bought from Amazon. when it arrived it is McAfee internet security 2009 "Upgrade Version" I understand that it is required to remove the old copy before installing the new one but is it the same with the "Upgrade Version"

  brindly 19:09 04 Apr 09

Chrissy1, sorry to highjack your post but not sure how to start my own.

  iscanut 20:01 04 Apr 09

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