Norton 2005

  trying 16:52 25 May 05

It's time to renew my Norton antivirus 2003 subscription,(not internet security).
What advantages are there in updating to 2005 or 2005 internet security? Other than cost.

  SANTOS7 16:54 25 May 05

Why buy when you can have quality protection for free click here

  anchor 17:04 25 May 05

I don`t know what Norton are charging for renewal these days, but Norton AV 2005 is £15 + £5 p/p here.

click here

  Pooke100 17:11 25 May 05

I bought NIS 2005 from pcworld for £40, kept it on my machine for 3 months then ditched it! The disc/box is lying in the cupboard. I have zone alarm and avg free plus the usual spybot, ad-aware etc etc.

My system is as safe as it needs to be and it cost nothing to do it. When Norton was on it, my system crawled along, it flies now!! Even with a gig of DDR RAM and good specs, norton still reduced it to a crawl - crashed all the time too.

Buy some hardware with the money you'll save!!


  trying 12:39 01 Jun 05

thanks for replies.

AVG sounds OK but it doesn't support e-mail, or phone backup does it?

  trying 12:39 01 Jun 05

thanks for replies.

AVG sounds OK but it doesn't support e-mail, or phone backup does it?

  Southernboy 13:34 01 Jun 05

in Live Update sometimes shows a large X against an update, which means it cannot be downloaded. And yet, when the remaining updates are installed, it blandly reports that all available updates have been installed.

Checking with the Norton site, it reports that NIS is NOT up-to-date, and yet Live Update reports that it is. As 2003 is no longer supported, he cannot get an explanation via the Norton site. He is now being chased for the renewal fee of £30.00 plus, and I wonder if it is worth paying.

Problem is, he has heard so many poor reports of NIS 2005, but really does not want to rely on freebies or downloads, because you get what you pay for. What about the other off-the-shelf programs?

  trying 13:59 01 Jun 05

I haven't updated to 2005 yet because of the same reason. You hear of more people having problems with 2005 conflicting with microsoft service pack 2.

Anyone use Black Ice or Panda with service pack 2?

  amonra 14:13 01 Jun 05

Leave it where it is, download the Freebie. My past experiences of Norton leave a lot to be desired. The program works OK but if you hit a snag with downloads or updates, BIG PROBLEMS ! and not a very helpful support group.

  Completealias 15:48 01 Jun 05

I too would stear well clear of norton. I have had personal experience of norton failing to pick up on a trojan that avg free did.

I now use avast click here they offer support for the free version via there forums or email but I have never needed to.

  Lettervanman 19:50 01 Jun 05

Don't understand the bit about slow system.I have Norton 2005 IS on mine with XP and SP2 and it is not slow.
Had 2004 on previous box on 98SE small HD and memory and that was not slow!
Will agree that it can be a problem sometimes,but so can others!

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