norton 2003 live update

  jaygice 12:28 26 Jul 04

hi im having probs with norton getting live updates when i click on live update all it says is internal error and i should try later or uninstall it and reinstall but how can i uninstall if i have to that is help cheers

  jaygice 13:28 26 Jul 04

doesnt anyone know out there

  TopBloke37 13:47 26 Jul 04

I have exactly the same 2003 and I have had no problems whatsoever. Updates are sent automatically but you can also check with live update which I have done and got the answer within seconds that everything was up to date. Must be a problem with your puter I'd suggest

  xania 13:47 26 Jul 04

It seems that you either have a windows error or a symantec error, and the system won't tell you which. The error message may have a code which you should then insert into the symantec support system click here.

If you really do need to uninstall Norton, there is help here for doing this, but you should use the install CD rather than Add-remove programs, and then make sure that all folders on your computer entitled either <Norton< or <Symantec> have been deleted before you reinstall. Note that, once re0installed, you will have to use Liveupdate afresh to update all your software and this will take quite a long time even using broadband - if you have a dial-up I recommend you check your timeouts.

  end 16:45 26 Jul 04

??/when did it start??
and have you checked the programe itself to "allow" live updates??( yes, I know it is "stating the obvious" but....)

  jaygice 17:42 26 Jul 04

yes checked the program end should i uninstall it and reinstall

  end 17:47 26 Jul 04

when did it start having this problem?

  jpallen 18:13 26 Jul 04

One of my PCs has the same problem, however I have noticed that the automatic live updates work fine (ie when you first power up), so at least its up to date.

  Sans le Sou 19:03 26 Jul 04

There is an upgraded version of live update on the Symantec site. Not a big download, uninstalls the old and bungs in the new automatically.

  end 19:19 26 Jul 04

my computer has just given me a "live update"...have you had that yet?? worked "automatically"....

  jaygice 19:31 26 Jul 04

sans do u have a short cut to it tryed to find it can not cheers

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