Norton for £10.99

  birdface 13:37 17 Mar 11

Download from here.3 users

click here

Remove insurance.
Apply Coupon code. AE20NIS

Handy for those that use Norton.

  birdface 14:07 17 Mar 11

I should have said for 3 computers and not 3 users.
Mind you I don't know the difference.
It is available until the the 31 of march as far as i know.

  sunnystaines 14:15 17 Mar 11

just installed NIS2011 paid £23 from amazon too late for this deal.

runs well on w7 but sluggish on xp

  birdface 14:48 17 Mar 11

Bit of bad timing then.
It is still £10.99 to expensive for me.
Never been a fan of Norton since it screwed up my computer about 6 years ago.
They do say it has improved a lot since then but not my cup of tea.
I always say Any free Anti-Virus along with a pay for Anti-Malware program with full time protection and you can't go wrong.
Just wondered if you could actually do away with Anti-Virus programs nowadays and just use an Anti-Malware program instead.

  rawprawn 14:55 17 Mar 11

Thanks for that, I have never had Norton and for £10.99 I have given it a go.
Downloaded installed and running. I just need to get used to it now.

  sunnystaines 15:32 17 Mar 11

run liveupdate before scanning there was 105mb of updates for w7 and 100mb for xp on my one this morning during installs.

  rawprawn 16:18 17 Mar 11

Thanks I ran it, but there was only 19mb download.

  sunnystaines 16:45 17 Mar 11

i installed from cd rather than a download.

  rawprawn 17:23 17 Mar 11

I know that you have had it a while, any tips?

  sunnystaines 18:43 17 Mar 11

not really, i do not use the antispam option, parent controls or the norton safe search toolbar.

the identity safe i find is excellent. scans in windows 7 are fast.

used norton for many years, never let me get infected. instal and forget.

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