Normal operating temperature ?

  SB23 15:53 01 Sep 05

I know yesterday was a very warm and humid day,but I kept getting warnings from a little program that I've got running that my processor was getting extremely hot.It was flaging up that at 45 degrees I should do something.
Can someone tell me what the normal operating temperature is for a Pentium 4 running at 2.53ghz,and at what point do I need to shut the system down?

  Philwane 16:01 01 Sep 05

Critical temp for a P4 seems to be about 80c at 45c I should not worry.
To put your mind at rest have a read hereclick here
and scroll down to the bottom of the page

  Skills 16:13 01 Sep 05

I have a P4 2.6 and at idle it runs at around 40c under load it can rise upto 50c and if its doing some work normally runs about 45c.

As was said critical temp for a P4 is 80c but the p4 chips are designed to cut back on the power if the temp becomes too hot. Infact I have seen a vid from toms hardware where they ran a P4 without a heatsink for about 30secs and it survived.

  SB23 16:14 01 Sep 05

Thanks for that handy piece of info

  marnico 16:24 01 Sep 05

I have a problem that I am convinced is due to high CPU temperatures, but my supplier cannot identify the cause. My Athlon 2800+ pc shuts down without warning after 30+ minutes of use and then re-boots. The intervals get progressively shorter until it will virtually not stay on at all. High CPU demand activities such as copying discs make the problem worse. I have installed "Speedfan" which gives a temp readout and it seems to happen when the temp gets to 54oC. The fans seem to be working OK and we have installed an additional one, but without success. Any suggestions for solving/fixing the problem ?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:32 01 Sep 05

I don't think your problem is due to the cpu running too hot. Assuming Speedfan is giving a correct readout your Athlon should be perfectly happy at 54C. My Athlon XP 3200 sometimes reached 76C with no apparent ill effects before I changed my case. It now runs much cooler!

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