Non System Disk Error

  Supertramp 08:22 26 Jul 06

My neighbour has a serious problem with her PC. It’s an E-Machine 2240 running Windows XP Home. Switched on this morning and is getting a blank screen with the following message. “Non system disk or disk error” On switching off the machine and rebooting with the CD with came with the machine, which has all software etc. including XP nothing is happening just getting the same message.

The machine has no floppy drive so cannot insert a boot disk, can anyone explain how to resolve this problem, thanks.

  Gongoozler 08:27 26 Jul 06

This is most likely to be caused by a defective or corrupted hard drive. Booting with the cd will only help if the BIOS is set for the cd to be the first boot device.

  Supertramp 08:43 26 Jul 06

Hi Gongoozler - I have altered the Bios to boot from the CD first but still getting the error message.

  JoeC 08:55 26 Jul 06

click here

Various ways to try and correct this problem.

  rawprawn 08:56 26 Jul 06

check and see if there is a disk in the floppy drive if she has one. If so take it out.

  Gongoozler 12:37 26 Jul 06

This is a really strange one, but I did come across something a bit like it once. Try disconnecting the hard drive, and then booting to the Windows CD. If the computer then works - but of couse it will complain about the lack of a hard drive, it will point towards the type of HD corruption I had.

  Supertramp 15:48 26 Jul 06

Not enough time right, will try again later and report back how this has progressed.

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