Non-ecc Ram - What does it mean please ?

  Tinkey Winkey 11:14 24 Jun 04

What does 'non-ecc'mean when looking at ram sticks please ?

  Gongoozler 11:22 24 Jun 04

ECC RAM is Error Correcting Code RAM. It is mainly used in servers.

  LastChip 11:23 24 Jun 04

Error Checking and Correction.

ECC RAM, checks and (mostly) corrects data that has for one reason or another become corrupted. It is most common-ally used in servers, and most motherboards in personal computers do not support it's use.

Hence Non-ECC, is the reverse situation, and is the most common RAM for home PC's.

  Tinkey Winkey 11:48 24 Jun 04

Thanks Lastchip.

Hello Gongoozler

Glad to see you're still one this forum.

You were the first person to reply to my first thread many years ago - wanted to know how to switch the monitor on or something equally technical!

I have not forgotten !
Thanks again.

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