non display of graphics in web sites

  Rossagh 15:03 16 Jun 04

Hi everyone,
When I open diagrams in certain web sites I get a blank rectangle with a small rectangle in the upper left corner displaying a red square and a blue circle and triangle. I thought this might have something to do with displaying cookies, but enabling/disabling them makes no difference.
Any help please.
Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat 17:01 16 Jun 04

Have you got a popup stopper running? These can block certain servers thus causing adverts to appear as the red x and sometimes Action cancelled is seen also.


  Curio 18:48 16 Jun 04

Click on tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab. Scroll down to Multimedia and check what has been ticked

  Curio 18:58 16 Jun 04

PS. Items 1 and 7 should be blank, the others ticked

  Rossagh 13:49 18 Jun 04

Thanks fruit bat and curio - I had flash stopped in spyware. Problem solved.

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