Non delivery

  gell 16:23 14 Apr 05

Every time I open my email I get two or three 'unable to deliver' messages all carrying viruses. They don't bother me as I recognise them and my virus protection won't let them through but recently I have found a new thread. They have become difficult to delete. The computer freezes and I have to go to 'Alt,Ctrl and delete' and close down my e-mail supplier which is Incredimail. Anyone had any problems with Incredimail?

  Technotiger 16:53 14 Apr 05

Hi, I have been using Incredimail for well over two years - I have never had a virus via Incredimail in all that time - touch wood. I would blame your virus protection programs rather than Incredimail - unless of course you have been opening e-mails which you do not recognise, in which case it is Operator Error.


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