Non Clean xp re-install

  jimmy the one 20:03 29 Jun 08

I have just done this and it saved my files and programs. Fine but how do you recover them from the hard disk. Jim at Bristol

  tullie 20:08 29 Jun 08

Could you explain exactly what youve done when you say non clean re install?

  jimmy the one 17:02 30 Jun 08

I had a failure that meant I dould not remove my files and programs from the hard disk. I therefore reinstalled XP with my CD, It said that it would save my data. It has done but it is all on the hard disc in folders and I dont know how to release it. I could reinstall the programs and I can recover most of my Family History from other repositories but I dont want to re-enter 6000 individual records with up to 30 pieces of information on each.

  Pamy 17:16 30 Jun 08

Is this what you did (sroll down a little to get to it)click here if so your computer should have been repaired as it was before any problem all files and date like they were

  jimmy the one 17:58 30 Jun 08

Oops. I booted from CD. I can find all my files on the Hard Disk but cant get them, This includes all my programs.

  Pamy 18:32 30 Jun 08

jimmy the one, please answer my question, did you repair as in my link?

  jimmy the one 19:03 30 Jun 08

No I booted from the CD in error. It then asked me about my files. which ithas saved to hard disk.

  Pamy 21:00 30 Jun 08

jimmy the one, what CD are you refering to?Xp or some otherdisk? If you did not do as explained in my link, what did you do?

  wis 21:28 30 Jun 08

clean install xp all gone,non clean does not exist
confussed pamy and me

  MAT ALAN 21:39 30 Jun 08

non clean might mean a repair, but the bit about the files being saved is confusing...

  wis 21:42 30 Jun 08

yes matt alan
repair, but ive never seen ref to file save

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