Nokia Mobile Phone Micro SD Memory Card

  Murielson 1 10:17 16 Apr 07

Realise this may not get as many answers as a purely computer based question but thought I would give it a go as info difficult to source elsewhere.

Recently got a couple of Nokia 6085 mobile phones (wife and myself) on upgrade and am looking at 1GB micro SD memory cards but need to confirm maximum size. Phones have photos, MP3 player etc so want to try and get maximum capability.

Could someone please confirm the maximum size SD micro memory card that can be used with a 6085.

Also, as I am looking at 7 Day Shop as a supplier, are there any manufacturers that should be avoided ie, own brand okay or Sandisk/Kingston only etc.

Many thanks

  frostyuk 15:58 16 Apr 07

lookiing on nokias site their not saying an upper limit so 1gb should work

  Strawballs 00:38 17 Apr 07

My son used one of their cheap 2gig cards succesfully on his Nokia, the only thing is the card reader on my HP laptop won't read it but the one in my daughters HP printer will.

  Totally-braindead 02:12 17 Apr 07

Once you get them and stick them in the phone try to avoid removing them again if you can.
I got one a few weeks ago and I was used to standard SD cards and its just so small and fragile I ended up breaking it taking it back out of the phone.

  Technotiger 07:16 17 Apr 07

Hi, I have the Nokia 6234 - I use a 2Gb Micro card, bought on-line from Amazon, just under £20 incl vat and delivery. I take it out to put it in my card reader when transferring photo's etc, it is very tiny, but with the adapter it is the same size as a normal SD card.

  Technotiger 07:16 17 Apr 07

PS - mine is Sandisk.

  Murielson 1 16:54 08 May 07

Thanks for all the responses folks. Went for 1Gb Sandisk and worked no problems. Heeded note of caution from comments on Nokias forum site about quality of cards and edged my bets with 1Gb.

Thanks again for the responses and got my cards (SanDisk 1GB Micro SD card with SD adapter and protective plastic case) for £19.01 for qty 2 at Memorybits if anyone else interested.

click here

  Technotiger 17:33 08 May 07

Grreat, thanks for the feedback - don't forget to Green-tick this thread.

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