Nokia mobile and PC Problem

  redbarron 10 May 12

I connect my Nokia mobile to my PC using the Nokia USB data lead and then try to open my images on the Nokia mobile. But each time I click on the images icon on the PC it turns my screen blue with a load of instructions.

This has only started happening today. I have been accessing my images this way right up until yesterday without any problems.

I haven't installed any additional software or downloaded anything. Can someone tell me what's going on please.

My OP system is XP Pro And my browser is IE8

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 May 12

screen blue with a load of instructions

what instructions? error code like 0x000000e8?

  redbarron 10 May 12

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thanks for the reply. And yes, among other messages there are error codes like the one you mention.

  redbarron 10 May 12

I should also have mentioned that when the screen turns blue it then automatically re-boots the system. After the re-boot the PC works fine.

But as soon as I connect my mobile and try viewing my mobile images it goes blue again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 May 12

Auto-reboot disable: When Running windows and it crashes you will get a blue screen and it will automatically restart, often it will restart too fast for you to see the error message. To disable auto restart on system failure, so you can see the error message.

  1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System (Windows+Pause works, too)
  2. Go to Advanced
  3. Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings...
  4. Under System Failure un-check "Automatically restart"

Please post the error message - we need the code number to advise further.


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