nokia codes

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 20:53 13 Oct 05

I have just brought a new nokia..its only on tesco and would like yo unlock it to any or o2...i no it can be done by taking it to a shop..but iv had alook on the net..and have read u can download programs what calculate the code by using ur IMEI number and network number etc. i have tryed using variouse programs but none have seemed to work...does anybody no if this is posible..and if it to do it?

  Totally-braindead 20:55 13 Oct 05

Not a clue I'm afraid, to get it unlocked typically costs a tenner suggest you just do that it would be a lot less trouble.

very just handy thats all. cheers anywys :-)

any 1 else? :-)

  VideoSentry 21:27 13 Oct 05

What Model is it? If it is dual band I thin k you can buy any other Sim card and just put it in.Borrow one from someone you know and try it.I have a Nokia which I use with 2 different Sims, one in the UK ( T-mobile) and Spain ( Telefonica).

its a nokia us dual band but that only means it will work i brought it from tesco..and its tesco mobile it will only reckonise tesco sim cards.. even though o2 run tesco mobile, it still wont work..even thought it did on my old Phone. i put my o2 sim card in and it said enter restriction code. any ideas?

  CHAIRLEG 22:23 13 Oct 05

click here Is this any help.

thats the 1 i tryed but didnt work.

  phono 23:45 13 Oct 05

How many times have you tried entering the unlock codes?

From memeory if you try 5 times without success the phone is permanently locked and can only be unlocked using a cable and correct software or an unlocking clip.

  john-232317 10:52 14 Oct 05

You must be really unlucky if unlockme cant do it. He also does a 100% guarantee hotline service, but it costs a fiver I think.

  john-232317 10:55 14 Oct 05

Did you ask on the site or did you just download prog and try yourself ?. Like phono says you only have 5 chances.

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