Noisy Phone Line

  wolffy 16:52 08 Sep 07

Hi, I have been having trouble with my Broadband dropping its sinc down from around 7 meg to anyhthing from 5meg to 130 kps!
I seem to be getting noise of late on my telephone line, I have an original BT NTE5 Socket that when I pull the ADSL cable out the noise stops on the line, so I figured the Filter had gone down. I have put another NTE5 Socket on now but the same noise is there. However if I remove the ORANGE wire and just leave the Blue/White and White/Blue wire the noise has gone.

Can anyone tell me if you need this wire as everything seems t be working, IE: ring, talk hearing ect fine.


  woodchip 17:07 08 Sep 07

As I posted you I think CT you should get this sorted by your BB isp provider as Phones should not have any noise. Do you get the noise if you remove the Computer and filters? if no then it could be a faulty filter. You would then have to try one at a time until you get the noise back. If it's the Line then it will also affect you BB connection. But BT lines should not have any noise on them at all on a Phone.

  woodchip 17:09 08 Sep 07

Also take the front of the Master socket and plug a phone into the infernal test socket if it removes noise, your internal wiring is faulty, if it's still there it confirms a bad line

  holme 18:25 08 Sep 07

I can't find the link but I recall recently seeing a semi-official recommendation on a website that disconnecting both the orange/white and white/orange wires within the early BT sockets does assist. That sounds very much like what you are saying. (One of the orange wires is redundant anyway but I can't recall which one, not that it matters.)

130kbps sounds like the controlling 'IP Profile' has been cut right back by BT, probably automatically if their kit sees data dropouts, and may be due to noise, but there could be many other reasons.

I suggest you check using the BT speed tester click here which will tell you what the IP Profile is currently set at.(It's often 'busy' during the evenings so maybe leave it until tomorrow morn).

If it's 'orribly low, you need to leave it for at least a few days to see if it improves. Provided the BT kit doesn't see any dropouts over the previous /three/ days, the 'IP profile' should start increasing, automatically and in daily increments, until it senses a stable condition. So if you've killed the noise, it may increase up to something like 7150kbps, over the next week or so. But that's best conditions, so may be less, e.g. to the 5mbps you were getting. HTH.

  woodchip 19:29 08 Sep 07

BT also throttle the line at busy times

  Graham. 19:43 08 Sep 07

The Orange with white rings wire is normally the Ring circuit. Most ADSL filters have their own ring circuit, so you can disconnect that wire. Just check all your phones ring.

  Dipso 00:57 09 Sep 07

As Graham says the ring wire is not required in most cases an can be a source of interference. This guide click here is very helpful.

  wolffy 11:14 09 Sep 07

Thanks everyone for your help and links.


  Stuartli 15:55 09 Sep 07

>> But BT lines should not have any noise on them at all on a Phone.>>

I'm not sure where you have got that idea from - in fact BT will increase the gain if requested to help overcome a noisy line...:-)

Furthermore, if you dial 17070, you can sample BT's own Quiet Line test service (it's Option 2).

  Stuartli 15:57 09 Sep 07

I don't think that BT engineers will be at all pleased if you have replaced the NTE5 Master Socket - the company is wholly responsible for the line right up to that point.

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