noisy KT400 fan

  birkdalite 16:28 23 Feb 03

Gigabyte m/b with KT400. Starting from cold my pc is making peculiar noises like a car when the water pump is about to pack up.Found it was emanating from chipset fan, proved by stopping fan and noise stopped.Are these fans readily available? I have not seen such a small one except on boards. Can anyone help please?

  a_dani19 16:34 23 Feb 03

is there a rattling sound?

see if it's fitted properly. Tighten the screws. stuff like that

Check whole mobo isn't rattling with the fan.

If the blade sys on fan is loose or about to fall off, try fixing yourself. Otherwise best bet is a £5.00 new fan.

  a_dani19 16:36 23 Feb 03

oh, where to find fan?

try smaller retailers, or from forum members.

  Psiman 17:10 23 Feb 03

Northbridge (chipset) fans are notorious for their poor quality.

Why not change it out for a passive cooler like the ZM-MB32? No noise as well which has to be a bonus. click here

  mcullum_DX4Life 17:23 23 Feb 03

A7V8X with the standard heatsink that came with it, very similar to the Psiman pointed out and had no problems, so the KT400 north bridge really doesnt need one. Take Psiman's advice and get yourself a nice new heatsink ;)

  Longnose 18:14 23 Feb 03

Weird stuff!!

I'm also using a KT400 mobo (7VAX) and is experiencing the same thing.

Trying to find a replacement fan, but they seem to be a bit scarce around here...

  Rayuk 18:24 23 Feb 03

Can you lift the little sticker on it and apply 1 drop of oil on it then replace sticker[If there is a sticker on it of course]

  Rayuk 18:26 23 Feb 03

Fan available here
click here=

  Rayuk 18:29 23 Feb 03

Zalman passive cooler also here at a lower price[you will have to do a check on p&p ]
click here=

  Paul S 21:02 23 Feb 03

I also have a GA-7vax - same noise

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