Noisy Hard Drive - I Think ?

  Pererin 12:52 27 Sep 07

Hi Gang, my son's computer has developed a noise that sounds like a tin with nuts and bolts in it being rattled. This happens on start up and when any tasks are being performed, what happens next is either the machine will shut down or freeze up, so you have to start again. The motherboard is Asus, graphics is Radeon X800GTO, 2MB of ram, 3.4 Ghz Pentium 4 processor and XP pro. As always any help in simple terms as I do not understand IT speak,thanks.

  ambra4 12:59 27 Sep 07

You will need to open the case and check if CPU, case or power supply fan, is making the noise.

I suspect the CPU or power supply fan and CPU is over heating

  Pererin 17:56 27 Sep 07

Thanks ambra4, will have a look tomorrow and let you know. The new thing that is happening now is that when you turn it on from standby or off the screen is blank and the only remedy is to power down and try again.

  skidzy 18:21 27 Sep 07

Agree with Ambra.
If you have never been inside the tower,you may find quite a bit of dust clogging the fans.
Also possibly just a bearing gone in the heatsink fan above the cpu..again as ambra suggest.

  Pererin 10:06 28 Sep 07

Thanks skidzy, will let you know how I get on.

  total_pc 10:25 28 Sep 07

Sounds more like the hdd to me. Unplug the cables from it then try booting. If noise stops it is the hdd, if not then it's something else..

  woodchip 11:14 28 Sep 07

ether the drive is on the wasy out or MBR is corrupt it's having problems reading the drive boot record. Try running MS Disc check tool, Also have a look in BIOS to see if S.m.a.r.t is turned on

  Pererin 17:45 29 Sep 07

OK then the story so far - all cleaned out with can of air, no noise when I powered up with side off but that mean nothing as it sometimes works properly. I downloaded a thing from Asus called the probe it's supposed to monitor the motherboard, cpu and fan for temp and speed, all looks ok according to this probe. Tried a disc check as woodchip said and that was ok, would not know how to get in to BIOS so need instructions for that. After all this the problem still persists sometimes, so will try total_pc's idea next and let you all know. Thanks gang.

  Diemmess 18:37 29 Sep 07

The fact that all seems OK at the moment suggests to me that a fan somewhere is at the end of its life.
Clogged or worn fan bearings can cause a noisey chatter which may stop a few seconds after switch-on but will eventually become continuous and not run up to full speed.
If this is the case, lave the cover off until the noise starts once more and then with a rolled paper spill stop each fan in turn.

If the noise stops when you stall a particular fan, that's the one and you can buy and fit a replacement without a second morgage!

  Pererin 21:47 29 Sep 07

Thanks Diemmess I'll try that next.

  Pererin 20:41 02 Oct 07

To all that have helped here's the latest update. Machine is quieter now but when it is powered up you can hear the tower with all the normal whirring but nothing on screen. After several attempts it works but an info message appears titled " American Megatrends", telling me that "overclocking has failed" and instructs me to run "setup". Needless to say this is all way above my knowledge base in IT, so help please!

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