noisy graphics fan

  Roland Butter 15:03 26 Mar 05

anyone know where i can get a replacement fan for my Medion PC's ATI Radeon 9600 XT card? The ATI www is no help. Or is it "get a new card" time?

  BlueMeanie 22:23 28 Mar 05

Couple of ideas...

1- Try a computer fair, they often have these fans and other sort of things.

2- Remove the fan, and put ONE drop of very thin oil (not WD40) onto the bearing, dip a paperclip into the oil can, and use this to transfer the drop of oil. The oil I use is sewing machine oil, (3 in 1 is similar). The bearing is often to be found on the reverse of the fan underneath a sticker,


  great1 22:24 28 Mar 05

click here

Any luck with your previous thread

  vinnyT 13:35 29 Mar 05

click here

Try the above

  TomJerry 13:51 29 Mar 05

click here

if you want the fan, list the fan physical size and people in here will find one for you

  Belatucadrus 14:16 29 Mar 05

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