Noisy fan woes!..........

  ShorN 21:51 20 May 04

Ive never had a problem with the noise from my PC, its always pretty much been silent.
I Installed a second monitor today for a dual display and gave the fans inside a clean, (espically the heatsink fan, as its never been cleaned in 18 months, now that Ive restarted my PC fans are loud as hell! :( Would having a second monitor work it that much so it makes that much noise?

  Charence 22:06 20 May 04

How many fans do you have? If the 2nd monitor makes your CPU increase in temperature which is likely, then your Fan would increase in RPM to try to reduce temperature. If you only have 2 fans (CPU and PSU) then I'd advise you get another large system fan installed to cool down the PC.

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  ShorN 09:40 21 May 04

Well theres 3 fans in total, one on the power, one in the rear of the case and one on the heatsink. I just opened the case and realised that the heatsink fan wasnt reconnected! (doh!) so ive connected that back up but its still quite noisy, the two rear fans are quiet again but its just the heatsink fan being noisier than it used to. ( and i mean a lot noisier! )

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:50 21 May 04

I would say your fan is probably on the way out. A lot of fans are pretty cheap and nasty, and it doesn't take a lot for them to get noisy. You may want to replace it with a better quality fan - some of the axial designs are pretty quiet.

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