Noisy fan

  metabolee 21:14 12 Feb 07

Hello my pcs fan is making such a din i want to throw it out of the bleeding window, is there anything a novice like myself can fix the problem?? ie via control panel other than going inside the base unit??? Thanks??

  sean-278262 21:18 12 Feb 07

As you say you have a novice knowledge you wont have anything expensive enough in the PC to control fan speeds. You could open the PC and sort the fan out yourself. Dont be afraid of it, replacing a fan is childs play. Even an idiot can replace a fan.

  metabolee 21:23 12 Feb 07

can i take the fan out? i presume you get less noisier ones out there? the pc is not on for long and the fan starts whirring its not had time to heat up? ty

  SANTOS7 21:23 12 Feb 07

click here

There are some very simple rules to follow, the link will help, and honest it asn't that dificult to do,good luck..

  metabolee 22:13 12 Feb 07

where do i look to get the spec for the fan if i need to buy a new quieter fan?

  Totally-braindead 22:20 12 Feb 07

One of the simplest ideas I have is take the fan out and take it with you to a computer shop and buy a exact duplicate or the nearest they have. Just make sure when you put it in its working the correct way ie either extracting the air from the case or sucking clean air in, the same as the original fan was.

i would first find out where the noise is coming from, as it may not be the case fan, take the side of and see if you can identify where the sound is coming from, with a piece of rolled up paper to your ear if you have to, you will soon be able to tell if its the case fan (usually at the back, the cpu (large block with heat sink on the motherboard, or the psu (where the mains lead plugs in and post back

  metabolee 22:27 12 Feb 07

the fan is clean its not rubbing it just goes on full power for a minute or so then has a wee break then makes some noise again i dont want the same fan again??if i play a game its full fan power until i stop playing the game with headphones on of course....ty

or possibly graphics card?

  metabolee 22:44 12 Feb 07

ok iwill take off side panel and look for the offending fan and chuck it will/should i replace it??

  daba 00:29 13 Feb 07

If you've got a fan that needs to run at full speed, its doing it for a reason, so DON'T just remove it and chuck it - you must replace it with a new one at least as good as the original.

The fan is there to get rid of heat - if you don't get rid of it your PC will overheat, possibly causing damage, although it should (i say should) protect itself, but why take the risk?

If you don't feel confident doing it yourself, any PC repair shop should be able to replace a fan for a modest charge.

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