noisy central processing unit

  trying 09:22 10 Sep 03

Can anyone out there, explain a pulsating noise from the cpu unit, it is there aven if I am not on line. It's driving me crazy!!!! The computer is only six months old.

Any noise at all from the CPU is going to be a fan (the only other possible noise being a slight fizz as it melts and after which you wont get any noise at all ;-)

If it is "pulsating" then it may be a fluctuating power supply. Try a new fan and see if it continues, it it does then PSU may be faulty and if a premanufactured PC the PSU's are not always of the highest quality.....


  trying 09:44 10 Sep 03

Computer built by a private retailer.
Had to have a new modem fitted after the m/blast worm infection?

Why did you need a new modem after a virus - I wasnt aware they could do much to hardware??

I have not heard of any virus that would cause you to need a new modem - I dont suppose for one moment he gave you the old one back did he?, not, thought not. In fact, I have never heard of a modem failing at all!!

  -pops- 12:48 10 Sep 03

Seems more like a crook than a retailer.

  Terrahawk 13:08 10 Sep 03

have seen modems go but usually due to lightning and lack of surge protection but a virus knocking a modem out i must admit is a first worst possible scenario would be corrupted drivers i would suggest finding a new retailer

  trying 16:27 10 Sep 03

As you are probably all aware by now that I am new to computers, and also green. I just took his word for the modem.In future I will ask the helproom for advice. I could not get online due to the m/blast worm, thats why I had to take the unit in to the shop.

No-one is saying for one moment that you were wrong to take it to the shop, just what a bloody bunch of crooks SOME retailers are.

Dont worry, I hope he did not charge you too much and yes, from now on you have a wealth of excellent advice on repairing your PC and best of all, its totally free!

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