Noisey fan at start up and when many progs running

  Amer 14:01 17 Jun 05


Can anyone help. I have a Sony Vaio desk top. All works fine, but last few weeks, the fan is noisey first thing when I switch on or when I start from standby, the noise abates after 15-20 seconds, or if I gently tap the computer. The noise also starts if I am runnug several programmes at once (ie when more memory is being used I guess).

I have timidly opened computer case, and removed some dust, there are 2 fans inside one at top back of casing and one more in the top middle. The noise seems to be coming from the latter. It seems secure and is spinnig fine.

Any ideas appreciated


Amer Khalil

  Diemmess 14:24 17 Jun 05

You seem to have done the right sort of things, and now seem clear which fan is the noisy one.

A final check would be to roll-up a spill of paper (not floppy) but just stiff enough to stop the fan momentarily when running.

Do be sure the fan itself is really clean and if it is still noisy then replacement is called for.

The fine bearings when worn, can chatter as the fan speeds up and prevent it reaching full speed.

Provided you buy a matching replacement, it is not difficult to fit..... Just make sure that any nearby cables or RAM cards are not disturbed or at least well seated before you boot again. Miss this, and you will have more heart attacks when the computer won't run properly!

  Diemmess 11:13 18 Jun 05

"Thank you for your help. I shall follow your advice and take it from there. Kind regards Amer"

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