noises on win95! please help

  john-230366 10:31 08 Jul 03

before i dump my win 95,i would like to know why it makes the most horrendous noises when i am surfing the net or accessing any desktop applications.i can play cds etc. fine,and the problem only occurs as listed above.this problem has baffled all other helprooms!!!

  Lú-tzé 10:35 08 Jul 03

What sort of horrendous noises?

Perhaps when it is accessing the hard disk - some get noisy as they get older. Playing CDs does not need much read/write on the hdd while applications, internet and so on does.

  john-230366 10:44 08 Jul 03

thanks for reply!!The noises are pretty constant,particularly when im on the net.Im not sure if this helps,but the noises come from my monitor as opposed to my computer.The noises sound like a broken record being played very loudly!

  wee eddie 21:00 08 Jul 03

Are they coming from the speakers built into your monitor.

Or the monitor itself.

You did not read this!

See if you can find your spare mouse. It may have got trapped inside the casing. If on this site it maybe G3!

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