Noise/Alarm From PC

  Daz1981 20:49 04 Dec 07


Every so often i get a alarm going off on my PC (from tower unit), it sometimes it is only for a minute or so other times it is constant and i have to swith off, There is no loss to performance and my system idle process is often at 99%. Could it be a temprature warning. If so can i disable it ?

any advice welcome


  brundle 20:51 04 Dec 07

What kind of alarm? Siren rising and falling in pitch, or alternating low and high beeps? The latter is sometimes `overheating CPU`

  brundle 20:52 04 Dec 07

If it's a temp warning I would advise against disabling it

  Probabilitydrive 20:57 04 Dec 07

Noises could originate from various parts of your system. HDD head damage...platter...CPU...
Compare your systems noise with click here
for pinpointing the source of the noise.

Another source could be you are receiving BIOS error beep codes click here

  Phil78 21:07 04 Dec 07

The thing is if your CPU is overheating you need to find out why, check the fan, clean inside of your case You can buy a can of air, spray heat sink blow dust and crime from the gaps. Could be a bad power supply, check if it is.

It's a start.

Think some of the other guy here could offer far more help than me.

  DieSse 21:17 04 Dec 07

Alarms in the course of operating are ALWAYS serious (and never BIOS POST beep codes).

It's normally a temperature of a PSU out-of-range voltage alarm.

You really do need to check the temperatures - probably a fan is failing.

Do an immediate restart when you get the alarm, and look in the BIOS at temperatures and fan speeds.

Try running EVEREST (free) which will tell you temperatures/fan speeds during operations.

Look at the fans, see if any of them have stopped or look "lazy".

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