Noise from USB Hard Drive on disconnection

  deep-joy 21:14 31 Dec 06


When diconnecting I always perform a proper XP Safely remove hardware. Sometimes I get a noise as though the drive is suddenly slowed: I get the same noise if I turn computer off or restart it.

Is this just the drive slowing, or the head hitting the disc? Its a Toshiba 80BG 2.5" drive in a USB drive caddy.

Any ideas appreciated.

  mgmcc 08:31 01 Jan 07

Perhaps the drive stops spinning when "Safely Removed"?

I haven't experienced this with a PC, but if I "eject" my external hard drive from a Mac, it actually stops the drive and only the enclosure's fan continues to run. It is a conventional 3.5" hard drive which I installed in a separate external USB/Firewire enclosure.

  deep-joy 09:13 01 Jan 07

Thanks mgmcc. It's a laptop HD in a 2.5" enclosure and takes its power from the USB, there is no fan, so maybe the noise is the drive suddenly slowing.

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